Dr Anthony Lynham


Your electricity asset dividend is on its way

Energy bill rebate

3 May, 2018 –

Keep an eye out for your $50 rebate on your next electricity bill. You, and around 1.9 million Queensland householders, are receiving this dividend as owners of Queensland’s electricity businesses – proudly kept in public hands by this government.

You’ll receive the asset ownership dividend once this year, and again next year, as part of our Affordable Energy Plan. It includes a two-year guarantee that power prices will not rise above inflation.

It was great to talk about this recently with Queensland Council of Social Service’s Mark Henley (pictured).
Electricity is one of the most significant household expenses people have. Low-income households are really impacted by the cost of electricity because there is little or no disposable income to absorb the huge cost.

The $50 dividend payment will go to home owners, tenants, customers who receive a power bill from their landlord or body corporate, and customers in communities with card-operated meters. Eligible Queensland pensioners and seniors also receive a $340 annual electricity rebate.

Remember to check the Smart Savings website to ensure you aren’t missing out on other concessions. Visit: https://campaigns.premiers.qld.gov.au/smart-savings/

View a sample electricity bill (PDF) with the rebate applied.