Dr Anthony Lynham


Upgrades for local schools

At Somerset Hills State School’s Resource Centre with students and Principal Janet Bannah

14 July 2016 –

The recent Queensland Budget included funding to improve our local State Schools. As well as allocations for regular and ongoing maintenance, funds have also been allocated to renovate and upgrade school facilities.

I visited Somerset Hills State School last month and met with Principal Janet Bannah to have a look at the work that is planned there. The works will improve class rooms, give the Resource Centre a much needed facelift, and fix damage to the existing Admin area. Severe storms earlier this year damaged this part of the school leading to some flooding and water damage.

Somerset Hills State SchoolAnthony Lynham 20160622_032_LowRes

  • $200,000 to refurbish classrooms in A Block
  • $150,000 to refurbish the school’s Resource Centre
  • $200,000 to rationalise/reconfigure the Administration Block


Stafford Heights State School

  • $70,000 to upgrade and refurbish D Block for the school’s special education program.