Dr Anthony Lynham


Trees and powerlines

Energex crews tree trimming

6 February, 2019 –

Large trees (over 4m) that interfere with powerlines can cause blackouts and are a safety risk, particularly during storm season.

Energex is required by law to maintain clearance zones around powerlines. Energex contractors trim trees but sometimes they have to replace trees that are unsuitable to be under powerlines. When this happens, Energex works with local councils to remove the tree(s). Residents are advised first and can request to keep the tree on their frontage.

A list of trees that are safe to plant around power lines can be found on the Energex website: https://www.energex.com.au/home/safety/safety-around-the-network/safetree-plants

Information about Energex’s tree trimming schedule can be found at: https://www.energex.com.au/home/our-services/projects-And-maintenance/tree-trimming-schedule

To report a tree growing into or touching the powerlines call 13 12 53.

If a tree has fallen on powerlines or is causing the powerline to bow or strain then call Energex immediately on 13 19 62.