Dr Anthony Lynham


Trading hours overhaul – supporting jobs and consumers

Simplified trading hours in Queensland

27 February 2017 –

The Queensland Government has made some wide-ranging reforms to simplify trading hours in Queensland and help support businesses and jobs.

Under current regulations you can buy a boat in Queensland on Sunday, but not a car or a caravan. There are currently 99 different trading hours provisions for Sunday alone and there are 30 different trading zones across Queensland.

The new changes will greatly simplify trading hours and create a huge reduction in red tape. The changes will see over 40 pages of regulations reduced to 6.

The changes include:

  • Sunday and public holiday trading to be standardised across Queensland, with those towns that currently do not have Sunday trading able to opt in through an application to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission;
  • Easter Sunday to be an open trading day across the State (for those that have Sunday trading)
  • Exempt shops that can trade without restriction to be extended to include butcher shops, special exhibitions and trade shows
  • Provision for special trading hours’ applications for international events such as the Commonwealth Games
  • Businesses selling motor vehicles or caravans are to be the same as for all other non-exempt shops in Queensland, permitting them to trade on Sundays.
  • All hardware stores can open on Sundays from 6am;
  • All non-exempt shops must be closed on Good Friday, ANZAC Day, Labour Day and Christmas Day.