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Tracks to Treaty – reframing the relationship with First Nations Queenslanders

Building a path to Treaty in Queensland

19 July, 2019 –

On the last day of NAIDOC Week 2019, the Queensland Government made a commitment to starting a journey towards negotiated treaties with First Nations Queenslanders – Tracks to Treaty.

This is a journey all Queenslanders can take part in as we move forward together, reconciling the past, and creating an inclusive, respectful, shared future.

Tracks to Treaty is built on the principle of self-determination, truth-telling, and local decision-making leading to better life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders.

We are committed to a new way of working, delivering real change, and real outcomes through a genuine partnership approach.

Tracks to Treaty has two elements under a shared goal of supporting communities to move from outcomes of surviving to thriving: implementing the Local Thriving Communities reform, and establishing the Path to Treaty.

Local Thriving Communities

Local Thriving Communities is an important part of Tracks to Treaty. We know that when we sit in Brisbane and make decisions about what happens out in community, issues are slow to improve. That’s why Local Thriving Communities puts decision-making back into the hands of community.

Through establishing local decision-making bodies, communities will decide on priorities and solutions going forward and inform the Queensland Government on how they want to do business. These local decision-making bodies will build upon existing structures and could be made up of FRC Commissioners, Council, Traditional Owner groups, Community Justice Groups, and other community members.

Starting in 19 remote and discrete communities, Local Thriving Communities will improve Government service delivery, social wellbeing and economic opportunities. The co-design process is underway and being tested with communities as it evolves. Currently, the focus is on building a shared understanding of what this reform needs to deliver for communities, how Government needs to change, and how local decision-making will work across the communities that want to participate.

Path to Treaty

A Treaty is a negotiated agreement between parties. It is important to understand a treaty is only signed once all parties are in agreement.
A Path to Treaty is about reframing our profoundly important relationship with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland, so that we can start to move towards a shared future.

A Treaty Working Group will be established to lead the state-wide consultation program and consists of members with the necessary technical skills, experience, connection to community to support the process. An Eminent Panel of Queensland leaders will also support broader community understanding and engagement.

In the coming weeks The Path to Treaty in Queensland consultation paper will be made available. Recommendations from the Treaty Working Group and outcomes from consultation will inform future legislation that will develop the framework for treaty negotiations.

Useful resources

Statement of Commitment document [.pdf]
Local Thriving Communities Factsheet [.doc]
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Path to Treaty Factsheet [.doc]
Path to Treaty Q&A [.doc]

To find out more visit www.datsip.qld.gov.au/tracks

Path to Treaty – the journey so far