Dr Anthony Lynham


The 2015 Budget

15 July 2015 –

As your local MP, I’m working hard to make our community an event better place to live.

The 2015 Budget is a plan to create jobs both now and for the future.

Locally, I’ve helped to deliver on a number of improvements. The Stafford Electorate will benefit from its share of the significant investment of an additional $212.3 million over four years to guarantee safe nurse-to-patient ratios and nursing workload provisions. This will mean that with the introduction of these historic laws, the Prince Charles Hospital will be able to provide even higher quality health care.

Local highlights in the 2015 Budget include:

  • $4.361M of Disability Services funding, to assist people with a disability and their families to access support services.
  • $2.703M for out-of-home care placement services to ensure children and young people in need of protection are safe.
  • $318K to construct a two level multipurpose clubhouse at Hickey Park, and other improvements.
  • $1.10M for Community Care funding, which provides basic support for people with a disability or condition to stay living at home.
  • $1.681M to construct 6 new public housing dwellings within the Stafford electorate.
  • $589K for family support services to work with vulnerable families to help improve parenting skills.

Health Services
The Budget delivers $14.2B to restore critical nurses jobs across Queensland to improve our hospitals and reduce patient wait times.

Reducing class sizes by delivering 875 new teachers, and reinvigorating our TAFE system with over $34M.

Reintroducing the Skilling Queenslanders program – $240M to support 32,000 Queenslanders back into work. As well as delivering a $180M Advance Queensland package. Growing the industries and jobs of the future by investing in science and innovation.

Supporting over 27,000 jobs by investing over $10.1B in capital infrastructure

Guaranteeing $400M of tourism and event funding over the next four years.

As well as protecting our Great Barrier Reef, we have added an extra $100M to improve our marine environment.