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Taskforce now up and running to safeguard our subbies

Taskforce now up and running to safeguard our subbies

27 March, 2019 –

The Palaszczuk Government is, and has always been committed to ensuring that Queensland building and construction sub-contractors get paid in full on time, every time.

From April new rules come into force, reversing the LNPs destruction of mandatory financial reporting by builders, which opened the door to abhorrent practices in the industry causing so much hardship to so many Queenslanders and their families.

We have also set up a Special Joint Taskforce to track down the criminals that have been involved in some of Queensland’s biggest rip offs in the industry. Businesses that do the right thing and pay on time, in full shouldn’t have to compete against those that deliberately undercut them.

The Taskforce is being led by pre-eminent retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice John Byrne and will include Queensland Police Service detectives, investigators from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, and prosecutors from the Office of the Director of the Public Prosecutions.

The Taskforce is conducting a thorough forensic examination of the circumstances surrounding a number of corporate collapses to take the strongest possible action if corporate crime, including fraud, is found to have been committed.

This Taskforce is only the latest element in Labor’s commitment to wind back and repair the damage caused by the LNP’s subservience to big business.

Find out more at http://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/aboutus/news/pages/SubcontractorTaskforce.aspx

Download the latest Queensland Building Plan fact sheet [PDF].