Dr Anthony Lynham


Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Policy

10 November 2015 –

Today I have been arguing in State Parliament for our Government’s Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Policy.

This is an issue I am very passionate about. For years as a surgeon, before standing for Parliament, I spent my days trying to repair the victims of violence. I saw too many people in surgery due to alcohol-fuelled violence and domestic violence.

There are around 30,000 hospitalisations each year due to harmful alcohol consumption and one in six Queenslanders has been the victim of alcohol-fuelled violence. To help put an end to this the Government is proposing a range of changes to our liquor licencing laws.

Research shows that for every hour of trade reduced the rate of assault is reduced by 22%. In parliament today I tabled an article from the Medical Journal of Australia (Volume 203, Issue 9, 2 November 2015) which shows why these changes are necessary – to read the article click here.

The Government has worked hard on the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Policy and has consulted widely with businesses, police and emergency response groups, and the community.

Key elements of the policy include:

  • The service of alcohol will cease at 2am state-wide, with no lockout.
  • Venues in safe night precincts can apply and be granted to have a lockout at 1am and last drinks at 3am.
  • All venues in Queensland will be able to remain open beyond 2am (or 3am in approved safe night precincts) to serve food, entertainment and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • High-alcohol drinks and shots will be banned after midnight (most cocktails and specialist bars such as whiskey bars will be exempt).
  • There will be no new approvals for the sale of takeaway liquor after 10pm.