Dr Anthony Lynham


Stafford Photo Competition 2017

This year’s Stafford photo competition had a great response with terrific photos celebrating our community through the theme, the people of Stafford. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered.

Photo by Linda McDowell


Linda McDowell – This is my mum, Betty, but we call her Queen Elizabeth! I took this portrait to mark her 80th birthday in April … when she’ll be exactly 10 years younger than the actual Queen!


Photo by Nicholas Curcuruto


Nicholas Curcuruto – My mum in the Reuben Street, Stafford Vineyard: This photo is of my mum with her first crop of Isabella grapes in our backyard.


Photo by Ruby Davissen


Ruby Davissen – I took this photo because of the people in it; they are all people who have helped me through tough times and never given up on me.


Photo by Sarah Rees


Sarah Rees (aged 11) St Anthony’s Kedron – I took this photo because my mum and my sister are part of the Stafford community.


Photo by Aleisha Ling
Aleisha Ling – My Mum. I call this photo ‘Summer Flower’.


Photo by Andrea Howard
Andrea Howard – I really love this shot – it was an early winter morning when the sky is lit like fire!


Photo by Andrea Howard
Andrea Howard – I love the texture of this creation – the colours of all the little twigs. It got me thinking about all the interweaving lines in our lives, the roads and the relationships!


Photo by Dale Gatz
Dale Gatz – I saw little Mia jumping up and looking at the TV, and she was barking at the dog on the screen. I had never seen a dog do that before, so I quickly grabbed my camera. I did try to explain to Mia why the dog on the screen was not taking any notice of her, but after one attempt – what the heck, go ahead and watch your TV show Mia; after all it is Doctor Harry!


Photo by Eleanor Davissen
Eleanor Davissen – My photo is of our own little community inside of Stafford. I really get inspired by these people and I love them so much.


Photo by Gabriela Gallardo
Gabriela Gallardo – Flipside Circus values children and young people as cultural creators as such, every year Flipside Circus performance troupe present a new show. Indigo, the performer in this photo, is specialised in trapeze and dance. This photo encapsulates an intimate moment where this young performer is totally involved in her character just seconds before getting up in the trapeze.


Photo by Jamie Swan
Jamie Swan – It was a super moon and the moon was very bright and beautiful.


Photo by Jena Pettingill
Jena Pettingill – My brother in a tree.


Photo by Lee Lobban
Lee Lobban – This shot is of my granddaughter. Who can resist taking a photo of such an appealing face?


Photo by Linda Clark
Linda Clark – Chris Edwards, the gardener who established the beautiful gardens at Mount Alvernia College.


Photo by Lucy Burnham
Lucy Burnham – Friends at Kedron Brook.


Photo by Lucy Burnham
Lucy Burnham – Friend in back garden at Stafford.


Photo by Norman Richard
Norman Richard – Clean Up Australia Day in Gibson Park with the McDonald’s Stafford Crew.


Photo by Rhyll Davis
Rhyll Davis – This is my 22-month-old daughter enjoying herself at the playground at the wonderful Downfall Creek at the Raven Street Reserve.