Dr Anthony Lynham


Stafford Heights – funding to improve bike paths

20 July 2016 –

The Queensland Government is providing $400,000 towards a new section of bike path in Stafford Heights that will link existing paths.

The funding will help build a new 600 metre section of bike path that will link Trouts Road to the existing Downfall Creek bike path at Lanchester and Travolta Streets. 2016.07.15_BikePath (24)_LowRes2016.07.15_BikePath (23)_LowRes


The Queensland Government is partnering with the Brisbane City Council to fund the project with Council and the State Government both committing $400,000.

This new local bike path is part of a state wide program that is providing funding to 26 councils around Queensland to build 58 new bicycle infrastructure projects.

All up the Queensland Government is helping councils add almost 50km of extra bike paths around the state.

Linking our existing bike paths is a really important step to making cycling more attractive and safer, especially for children.

Existing bike paths like the ones along Downfall Creek and Kedron Brook are already very popular. Expanding our local bike network makes them easier and safer to access for fitness, recreation, and getting around.