Dr Anthony Lynham


Special Wildlife Reserves

Special Wildlife Reserves

4 April, 2019 –

Since being elected in 2015, the Palaszczuk Government has increased the protected area estate in Queensland by more than one million hectares. Now Queensland has become the first state in Australia to create Special Wildlife Reserves, a new category of protected areas.

This new classification means that private land of exceptional natural and cultural value will have the same level of protection as national parks.

Special Wildlife Reserves are established by a voluntary agreement between the Queensland Government and landholders, and are protected from inappropriate land uses, such as mining and forestry.

Management of these Reserves will be under strict conditions. Landholders will be able to attract investment from conversation organisations, to help manage Special Wildlife Reserves.

The Palaszczuk Government will also work in partnership with First Nations peoples in this process, ensuring that no obligations or restrictions are placed on native title parties that would interfere with the exercise of native title rights.

For more information about Special Wildlife Reserves visit https://environment.des.qld.gov.au/ecosystems/special-wildlife-reserves/