Dr Anthony Lynham


Schools back – slow down

25 January 2016 –

Students all over Stafford are heading back to school this week – some of them for the very first time and I want to remind motorists to be vigilant around our schools.

Most school’s are surrounded by school zones that reduce the speed limit around the start and end of the school day. School zones are usually active from 7am to 9am in the morning and from 2pm to 4pm in the afternoon.

Make sure you keep and eye out for school zones and for children. Children can be unpredictable at times and younger children often don’t yet have a full sense of road rules and road safety.

As well as students, an army of crossing guards is also heading back to school this week helping to keep children safe. The Queensland Government is installing flashing school zone signs at 300 extra schools over the next three years and is also funding an extra 75 crossing guards.