Dr Anthony Lynham


Scams Awareness Week – Are you too smart to be scammed?

Scam Awareness Week

13 August, 2019 –

People are now being snared by increasingly sophisticated scams – often using professional-looking emails and websites, and very convincing phone calls and texts.

Many Australians believe that they could spot a scam, and would know what to do if targeted. However, the amount of money lost to scams is increasing from year to year – Australians made more than 378,000 scam reports in 2018, with more than $489 million reported lost.

Remember to be careful if someone:

  • Asks for money
  • Asks you to pay through unusual payment methods
  • Asks you for personal information, like bank details, passwords, or access to your computer
  • Pressures you into making a decision quickly
  • Offers you something that sounds too good to be true — like an online shopping deal, competition prize, or an invitation to invest in an ‘amazing’ scheme.

This Scams Awareness Week, test your knowledge and find out where to report a scam and get help at http://www.scamwatch.gov.au/scamsweek2019