Dr Anthony Lynham


Research shows using a mobile phone while driving can be as risky as drink driving

phone down - driver distraction

13 July, 2018 –

When using a mobile phone while driving your risk of a serious crash multiplies by four. Driving is a task that requires all your attention.

Using a mobile phone while driving – especially texting – is distracting – it means taking your eyes and mind off the road, which can have serious consequences.

Even when your eyes are off the road for just three seconds, a vehicle moving at 60km/h travels more than 50 metres or half a football field! The average person’s time to react to an event is 1.8 seconds. This means nearly five seconds can pass before the average distracted driver can react to a hazard, increasing their risk of a serious crash.

Five tips to avoid distraction:

  1. Before you get behind the wheel, switch your phone to silent or flight mode and put it somewhere out of sight
  2. Let everyone know you’re driving ‘phone‐free’ and remove the pressure to be in contact
  3. Phone home before you leave work and check if you need to pick something up on the way home
  4. If you’re driving with passengers, designate a ‘texter’ so you can stay focused on the road
  5. If you really need to make a call, pull over and park safely before picking up your phone

To get the facts about driver distraction visit jointhedrive.qld.gov.au/driver-distraction/factsheet