Dr Anthony Lynham


Remote resources fuel jobs across state

Remote resources fuel jobs across state

16 December, 2018 –

After a 2,000 km sea journey, the first shipment of bauxite from Rio Tinto’s $2.6 billion Amrun project in Far North Queensland has sailed into central Queensland to sustain local jobs.

The 80,000-plus tonne cargo is being refined in Gladstone, where about 3,000 people work at the Yarwun and Queensland Aluminium Limited alumina refineries.

This delivery at Gladstone demonstrates the broad-reaching value of the resources sector to Queensland, supporting jobs in onshore processing in the Central part of the State, thousands of kilometres from the mine.

Rio Tinto’s Amrun project employed 1,200 people at peak construction and will create jobs for decades to come for Queenslanders in the remote far north.

As well, Rio Tinto has invested $244 million during Amrun’s construction with local Cape York companies alone.

We have a world-class ‘minerals for industry’ sector unmatched anywhere in the world and it’s great to see Rio Tinto taking this new resource to international markets.

Weipa has been the heart of Queensland’s bauxite mining industry for more than 50 years and supplies the raw product used to produce 10 per cent of the world’s aluminium. The Amrun project is expected to add around 10 million tonnes to the state’s bauxite exports.

Rio Tinto expects Amrun to reach a full production rate of 22.8 million tonnes a year by 2019 and will replace production from the depleting East Weipa mine.