Dr Anthony Lynham


Reef Water Science Taskforce report guides $90M investment in water quality

27 May 2016 –

The Reef Water Science Taskforce handed down its report this week. The report sets out 10 recommendations to accelerate our efforts to reduce water pollution affecting the Great Barrier Reef.

The Queensland Government will use the recommendations to allocate $90 million to improving water quality. By reducing water pollution we can improve the reef’s health and in turn help the reef better deal with the impact of climate change.

Key projects to be funded include:

  • up to $33.5 million for two integrated projects – one in the Wet Tropic to focus on reducing nutrient and pesticide loss, and one in the Burdekin to focus on reducing sediment and nutrient run-off
  • up to $20 million for more effective, targeted and coordinated extension services to support large scale land management practice change
  • up to $9 million for innovation, knowledge and science including a new Reef Innovation Fund to support the development, scaling up and roll-out of new technologies and approaches
  • up to $11 million to ramp up existing reef-wide monitoring efforts to provide more comprehensive information to farmers.