Electricity Savings

Queensland power assets continue to pay dividends

17 March, 2020 –

Around two million households across the state will see another $50 wiped off their electricity bills for each of the next three years as Queenslanders continue to reap the rewards of owning their electricity assets.

Queenslanders pay the lowest average power prices of any mainland state in the National Electricity Market.

Unlike other states, the dividends from our publicly-owned companies flow not to multinational shareholders overseas, but to families across the state.

The $50 dividend payment will be applied as a credit on electricity bills from the second half of 2020 and will go to home owners, tenants, customers who receive an electricity bill from their landlord or body corporate, and customers in communities with card-operated meters.

This latest announcement means that over five years, Queenslanders will have pocketed $250 from their dividend payments.

Easing cost of living pressures continues to be the focus of the Palaszczuk Government, particularly after the damaging policies of the former LNP Government.

Last year a report from the Auditor-General confirmed that our Powering Queensland and Affordable Energy Plans are working and delivering more stability and lower prices for Queenslanders. The report outlined that in 2018-19, the State Government gave back $1.07 billion to consumers in the form of rebates and subsidies, including funding to support the additional cost of supplying power to regional Queensland.

With the new publicly-owned low emission generator, CleanCo, now pumping more renewable energy into the grid, and CS Energy and Stanwell Corporation working on research to produce renewable hydrogen as an energy source, our publicly-owned generators will continue to supply affordable, reliable power for generations to come.