Dr Anthony Lynham


Queensland pilot program to tackle illegal dumping at charity bins

3 May 2016 –

The State Government is helping Queensland charities tackle the issue of illegal dumping at charity stores and donation bins.

A report by Queensland charities and supported by the Queensland Government found ‘conservatively’ 8,200 tonnes of rubbish was dumped at Queensland charities in the 2014/15 financial year.

This rubbish included soiled mattresses, broken furniture, green, and household waste.

Charities deliver vital services to our community – they don’t need to waste time and money cleaning up rubbish dumped at their doorstep.

Most people don’t dump intentionally, a lot of items are left outside charities and charity bins because it’s easy and people think items might be useful. Most people would be shocked to find out how much charities have to spend on cleaning up and dumping.

Local charities are working to educate the community about illegal dumping and the pressure it puts on charitable organisations.

“We can use all the CCTV cameras, large signs and prosecution deterrents possible – however public education and awareness is the key to solving the problem long term,” said Ms Cassandra Ashton, general manager of St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland.