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Queensland fires up more domestic gas for manufacturing jobs

Queensland fires up more domestic gas for manufacturing jobs

23 November, 2018 –

Tenders recently opened for an 18 square kilometre block in the proven Surat Basin gasfields. Any gas produced can only be sold to an Australian manufacturer – another first for Queensland, which last year released the first land for gas only for the domestic market.

We know that an industry affected by the nation’s domestic gas shortage has been manufacturing – an industry which has been crying out for a stable, reliable gas supply.

Once again, Queensland is doing the heavy lifting on gas policy stepping up to provide a boost to our manufacturing industry by supplying gas they need.

We continue to deliver on our election commitments to unlock gas land to ensure supply to our manufacturers, as creators of jobs and business opportunities for thousands of Queenslanders.

Australia’s first release of gas land to supply the domestic market was announced in February 2017.

Since then, almost another 25,000 km2 has been released in Queensland for gas exploration, almost a third of it for the domestic market only.

The latest block to go to tender is 22 km south west of Chinchilla.

Last month, Senex announced go-ahead for its Project Atlas in the Surat Basin on the first 58 km2 release of land the Queensland Government granted for domestic-only gas production in March 2018.

I recently announced the latest successful tenders – Armour Energy and a Shell/Santos joint venture – for two more domestic-only blocks of land in the gas rich Surat and Bowen Basins.

Armour will add to their existing domestic-only portfolio with an additional 457 square kilometres of land 10 kilometre south of Surat, and in a joint venture agreement, Santos and Shell will soon be exploring a 393 square kilometre parcel of land 19km east of Surat.

These land releases mean more petajoules in pipes and more gas for Australia’s east coast.

Queensland continues to do lead the nation on gas and again, I’m imploring other states to follow our lead – doing so will secure industry and jobs, and not just in Queensland.

Before exploration can begin, successful tendering companies will need to fulfil native title and environmental requirements and negotiate land access agreements.

Tenders for the exploration area are now open and close on 14 March 2019.

For more info visit https://www.business.qld.gov.au/industries/mining-energy-water/resources/geoscience-information/exploration-incentives/current-tenders

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