Dr Anthony Lynham


Public consultation for the review of the Child Protection Act 1999

16 September 2015 –

The Queensland Government is committed to building a child protection and family support system that meets the needs of children and families, now and into the future. For this system to be effective in meeting these needs, it requires strong up-to-date legislation.

To do this, the State Government is undertaking a public consultation to review the Child Protection Act 1999. The Government will be consulting with the community and key stakeholders to get advice on how the legislation can better support families, care for children, and to protect children in the statutory system.

A discussion paper has been developed to explain the key areas of the legislation being reviewed. All Queenslanders are invited to participate in this consultation.

The discussion paper is available on the Get Involved website. For more information about the review of the Child Protection Act 1999, email cpareview@communities.qld.gov.au