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New Sport and Active Recreation Strategy

Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy

29 July, 2019 –

Queensland’s first ever ten-year Sport and Active Recreation Strategy has just been released and with it a whole suite of measures to support local clubs and schools, and help get Queenslanders active, healthy, and involved in sport.

Activate! Queensland focuses on where people live, learn, earn and play to embed activity in their daily lives and encourage lifelong movement.
All Queenslanders have the right to live active lives, regardless of age, background or ability, and deserve the opportunity to enjoy physical activity as an important priority in their daily lives.

The Strategy will invest $1.3 billion over the next 10 years with $157 million capital investment over four to support up to 518 jobs, plus many more through the supply chain.

What we want to achieve

Activate! Queensland will:

  • increase physical literacy in Queensland children
  • encourage more Queenslanders to value an active lifestyle and want to be active
  • enhance community connection through participation
  • provide quality opportunities for physical activity
  • create places and spaces to support physical activity for everyone.

Taking action

The Activate! Queensland initiatives aimed at increasing opportunities for Queenslanders to be active include:

  • FairPlay and FairPlay+ vouchers of between $150 and $500 to reduce costs of children participating in activities for families that need it most
  • Active Ambassadors program to engage and inspire communities to be physically active
  • Activation Officers to support the delivery of physical activity opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Active Schools to enhance the amount and quality of physical activity for children by encouraging learning through activity and movement; and support a range of enjoyable activities within the school day
  • Community Active Partnerships to deliver place-based solutions for communities who need it most, including targeted physical activity programs for children and young people
  • Queensland Active Precincts to provide physical activity hubs for sport and outdoor recreation, and provide athlete pathways outside of major centres
  • Community Use of Schools to increase access to facilities on school grounds
  • Continued investment in sport performance excellence.

To find out more –

View the Strategy Summary document [PDF]
View the complete Strategy Document [PDF]
Or visit www.qld.gov.au/sportrecstrategy

Additional Strategy resources –