Dr Anthony Lynham


New levy fighting the war on waste

Queensland Waste Levy

19 February, 2019 –

Queensland’s new waste levy is the next step in our war on waste.

Last year we banned plastic bags and introduced the Container Refund Scheme to encourage recycling and reduce waste.

Queensland previously had a waste levy, however, when the former LNP Government recklessly scrapped it in 2012, we were left as the only mainland state without a levy. With the laws we’ve passed in parliament, this is all set to change.

Changing how we manage our state’s waste helps the environment and helps create jobs – every 10,000 tonnes of waste in landfill supports less than 3 jobs but the same amount recycled supports more than 9 jobs.

Our government committed $32 million in this year’s State Budget to ensure advance payments can be made to councils. Councils will receive 105% of the cost of wheelie bin waste, park/street bins, street sweepings and self-hauled waste.

This means they will be paid more than what it actually costs to send their waste to landfill. There is no reason why your Council should increase your rates due to the waste levy – you won’t have to pay more to put your wheelie bin out.

We have also released a new draft Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy which will help Queenslanders fight our war on waste.

The draft Strategy is open for public submissions until 5 April, 2019.

You can download the Strategy and find out more online at www.qld.gov.au/environment/pollution/management/waste/recovery/strategy