Dr Anthony Lynham


New laws to mandate staff to patient ratios in public aged care

aged care facilities

12 September, 2019 –

The Palaszczuk Government recently introduced new laws to require aged care providers to advise their staffing levels which we will publish on a website.

The Health Transparency Bill 2019 also ensures that older Queenslanders living in our publicly owned and operated aged care facilities have at least one registered nurse on-duty and on-site at all times, without exception.

Queensland Health is the provider of 16 residential aged care facilities across the state, caring for over 1,000 frail and elderly people.

We’re leading the way nationally when it comes to safe ratios within public residential aged care facilities, however the Federal Government is responsible for regulating and funding residential aged care facilities in all states and territories.

Research evidence shows increased nurse-to-patient ratio leads to improved quality of care and ultimately better patient outcomes.

We’ll continue to lobby the Federal Government to advocate for staff-to-resident ratios in private aged care facilities.