Dr Anthony Lynham


New laws so supermarkets can restock around the clock

New laws so supermarkets can restock around the clock

23 March, 2020 –

The Palaszczuk Government is introducing urgent reforms to the Planning Act to help make sure that supermarkets stay well stocked to deal with the unprecedented demand for groceries.

Our manufacturers and supply chains are working well – we’re not running out of products – but we need to make these changes to get shelves stocked faster.

The new laws will allow the state government to give notice that an emergency event is taking place, and then to authorise short-term relief from planning conditions to address the impacts of the event.

The government is also establishing a new Essential Goods Supply Committee to work with retailers, manufacturers, transport and logistics companies, wholesalers, and unions to ensure essential supply chains keep flowing.

People do not need to panic buy or unnecessarily stockpile products. Queensland manufacturers and food processors are keeping supplies flowing.

And if a business or industry encounters problems with production, supply, import or manufacturing, the Palaszczuk Government is ready to respond quickly.

The proposed changes to the Planning Act 2016 come into effect from today, Monday 23 March, 2020.

This will enable retailers, suppliers and transport operators to alter existing systems and schedules.