Dr Anthony Lynham


New laws deliver clear rehabilitation requirements for mine sites

mining rehabilitation

20 November, 2018 –

The Palaszczuk Government has recently passed strong new laws around mining rehabilitation.

Our new legislation will deliver clear rehabilitation requirements that ensure all mining companies are held accountable for their environmental impacts.

We know that the overwhelming majority of Queenslanders believe that mining companies should be required to rehabilitate land.
This once-in-a-generation legislation will make this law.

Queensland has the equivalent of 10,000 Suncorp Stadium football fields of priority abandoned mine sites. The Palaszczuk Government knows that we cannot leave this problem for future generations.

We have consulted broadly across Queensland, with industry, environmental groups, and local government, as well as considering over 500 submissions received in response to the ‘Financial Assurance Review – Providing Surety’ discussion paper.

The Mineral and Energy Resources (Financial Provisioning) Bill balances all impacted parties and holds large mining companies accountable for their environmental impact.

This means that mining companies will be required to contribute to a pool of funds that will be held as an insurance and used to rehabilitate mines.

This is a simple solution to ensure the cost of legislation is not passed on to Queensland taxpayers.

Through this new legislation, the Palaszczuk Government has introduced some of the biggest reforms in mining rehabilitation regulation that Queensland has seen in the past 20 years.

For more information visit www.treasury.qld.gov.au/growing-queensland/improving-rehabilitation-financial-assurance-outcomes-resources-sector