Dr Anthony Lynham


National Diabetes Week

10 July 2015 –

National Diabetes Week takes place next week (12-18 July). Diabetes Week is a great reminder of the serious health complications that are linked to diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes, the condition linked to expanding waist lines, is on the increase in Stafford. Diabetes Queensland figures indicate there are more than 1,033 people in Stafford living with type 2 diabetes and another 91 new cases have been diagnosed over the last two years. Many more continue to go undiagnosed, for every one person diagnosed it is estimated nearly three others remain undiagnosed.

Diabetes Queensland is encouraging people to learn more about diabetes and assess their personal risk factors this Diabetes Week. There is a free online assessment on Diabetes Queensland’s website that can help people understand their risk of developing diabetes. www.diabetesqld.org.au .

For more information on diabetes in Queensland click this link, 2015.07.10_Queensland Diabetes Snapshot

Reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes need not be difficult. It can be as easy as taking the dog for a walk or making other small changes.