Dr Anthony Lynham


More nurses for local hospitals

Today Labor announced we will fund the restoration of 400 Nursing jobs. We are committed to improving patient safety and providing high quality health services to all Queenslanders.


A Labor Government will put the public first and focus on patient safety as it repairs the Newman Government’s damage to Queensland’s public health system.

We will invest $110 million over four years to ensure patient safety and quality health care as well as legislate for nurse-to-patient ratios based on safety.

The Newman Government has cut more than 4,800 positions from our hospitals and health services including nearly 1,800 nurses and midwives. As well, they have dismantled mechanisms for auditing patient safety and investigating complaints.

Only Labor has a plan to restore public confidence in our health system.

Labor’s Patient Safety First policy will mean:

  • 400 extra nursing positions in local hospitals;
  • legislating a safe nurse-to-patient ratio;
  • patient safety audits to improve quality of healthcare;
  • establishing a service agreement with Health Consumers Queensland to give patients and their families a voice;
  • a review of the role of the Health Ombudsman.