Dr Anthony Lynham


Labor to boost guidance officer ranks in Queensland high schools


Queensland students will have better access to jobs guidance and counselling services under a Labor Government.

Labor will deliver 45 full-time guidance officer positions over three years to ensure Queensland students receive professional support to help them make the best decisions about their future studies and career prospects. From 2016, Labor will make sure every Queensland high school with more than 500 students has a full-time guidance officer or equivalent on staff.

Education funding per student has fallen every year the Newman Government has been in power. According to the Government’s own figures it now spends $165 less on every primary school student, $203 less on every high school student and, shockingly, $1,770 less on every student with a disability than in 2012.

Young people are also facing the most difficult job market in more than a decade, with youth unemployment reaching more than 20% in some areas of Queensland. Our $9 million investment to increase the number of guidance officers working in state high schools will give young people more support to navigate this difficult job market.