Dr Anthony Lynham


Kidston Hydro‑Solar Project surges towards construction

Kidston Hydro‑Solar Project surges towards construction

31 August, 2017 –

One of Queensland’s largest renewable projects is one step closer after an agreement was signed recently between Powerlink and Genex Power Limited to progress Stage Two of the Kidston Hydro‑Solar Project.

The agreement follows the project receiving critical infrastructure status from the Queensland Government, which allows Queensland’s independent Coordinator-General to clear any red tape roadblocks to help deliver the project and ensure timely approvals.

Stage Two of this project is made up of:

The 250 megawatt Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project – a closed loop system, which will involve the transfer of water from an upper reservoir to a lower reservoir. This will ensure minimal environmental impact during operation, on what is already a disturbed historical mining site.

The 270 megawatt Kidston Solar Project – to be integrated and co-located with the Pumped Storage Hydro Project. The Solar Project will power the pumped hydro scheme during the day, using the solar energy generated to pump the water back up into the upper reservoir (essentially ‘re-charging’ the battery).

This follows the 50 megawatt Kidston Stage One Solar Project currently under construction. Stage One involves approximately 100 construction jobs and in total, both stages will support up to 500 construction jobs and 18 operational positions when online.