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Improving the transparency of local government infrastructure planning and charging processes

21 October, 2019 –

The Palaszczuk Government is making it clear about how councils are spending developer infrastructure charges, delivering on our 2017 state election commitment.

Amendments made to the Planning Regulation 2017 will require councils who collect and spend developer infrastructure charges to publish information about:

  • the amount of money developers have paid to local councils for the delivery of infrastructure, and;
  • infrastructure that has been constructed as a result of these charges.

Providing clear information on what charges councils collect from developers, and how these funds are spent in the local area, gives communities a better understanding of how development activity is benefiting them.

The information will also provide communities with a better idea of the considerable funds local councils spend on infrastructure in their local area.

The amendments will also require councils to publish online all infrastructure charges notices and documents used in the review, making or amendment of a local government infrastructure plan.

These changes will provide greater transparency and accountability to the infrastructure charging framework, resulting in better planning for Queensland.

The Department of State Development Manufacturing Infrastructure and Planning is supporting Councils as they transition through staged implementation of the new requirements with reporting requirements commencing 1 January 2020.

More information about these changes is available at: