Dr Anthony Lynham


ID scanning laws stopping banned people from entering venues

ID scanning laws stopping banned people from entering venues

18 October, 2017 –

ID scanners have helped improve safety in our communities. Since July 1 when the ID scanning laws came into effect, there have been 136 occasions where someone on a banning order has tried to enter a licenced venue.

Importantly, there are many who have stayed away from licenced venues because they know they will not be allowed in.

The Palaszczuk Government relies on evidence-based policies to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence. We know that more than 80% of people arrive at nightlife spots before midnight. That’s why it is so important that pubs and clubs scan people during the course of the evening, not just after midnight.

Our laws ensure Queenslanders are kept safe while enjoying the state’s vibrant nightlife. We need to remember that every time an ID scanner stops someone with a banning order from entering a licenced venue, it means there is less risk of a potential coward’s punch tragedy.

The ID scanning laws are also about educating our community about alcohol-fuelled violence. Similar to what breath testing has done with drink driving – we want to educate the community that people who show aggressive, violent and anti-social behaviour while drinking will be issued with a banning order and stopped from entering licenced venues.

Contrary to what some may say, ID scanners are not affecting businesses or the industry in Queensland and the proof is in the figures: In just over three months since the ID scanning laws came into effect, 167 new licences have been approved, compared to 158 new licences in the same period last financial year.

Clearly, ID scanners are a win-win for Queensland: they are making our Safe Night Precincts safer and increasing our entertainment venues across the state.