Dr Anthony Lynham


Help for families

5 February 2016 –

The Queensland Government is providing free access for all Queensland families to the world-renown (and Queensland built) Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

Triple P is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programs in the world. The program consists of a wide range of seminars, workshops, courses and on-on-one support, giving families the choice to receive as much or as little help as they like, depending on their needs.

Triple P can help parents learn simple but effective strategies to parent more effectively and give their children the best opportunity to reach their full potential. The program provides practical skills and tools, and helps build the confidence parents need to:

  • manage their children’s behaviour
  • set family routines and rules that everyone follows
  • develop positive relationships, so parents get along well with their kids
  • raise happy, healthy and confident children
  • balance work and family without stress
  • create a happy safe environment where the family can thrive.

Our target is to have 140,000 families access the program over the next two years – online, at seminars, parent discussion groups and in one-to-one consultations.

For more information visit www.qld.gov.au/triplep

For community organisations, schools, childcare centres, and kindergartens

Triple P is also inviting local groups to host a free Triple P session for families in their community. For details visit www.qld.gov.au/triplep