Dr Anthony Lynham


Government restores farmer and community rights on mining

26 May 2016 –
Parliament this week restored balance between the rights of farmers, miners, and the community, passing legislation that protects farm infrastructure and restores community objection rights.

The legislation passed this week fulfils the government’s commitments to restore community objection rights to proposed mining projects, and to protect key agricultural infrastructure.

We have re-established the right for anyone to object to a proposed mining project on broad grounds. Landholders will also have the right to say no to resource activities beside their key infrastructure.

The legislation reinstates rights removed by the previous LNP Government. If follows the Government’s move in July last year to restore community objection rights around large-scale mining projects

The legislation ensures that:

  1. Communities have a say on mining lease and environmental authority applications for mining projects
  2. Communities are advised of any proposed mining projects through ads in newspapers
  3. Farmers have minimum protection zones around key farming infrastructure
  4. Farmers have the right to prevent any mining lease being granted over restricted land without the consent of the owner.