Dr Anthony Lynham


Giant step forward for new biofuels industry in Queensland

6 April 2016 –

A $16 million advanced biofuels pilot plant will be built at Southern Oil Refining’s Yarwun plant at Gladstone, a giant step towards securing a large-scale biofuels industry in Queensland.

If successful, the pilot plant will be expanded to a large commercial-scale refinery costing $150 million and producing 200 million litres of advanced biofuel annually, suitable for military, marine and aviation use. It would be the first commercial-scale advanced biofuels production facility in Australia.

The project is exciting because new industries mean new jobs and more prosperity for Queensland (and particularly regional Queensland). Moreover sustainable technologies and industries also mean sustainable jobs in the future.

A fully-fledged biofuels industry has the potential to play a key role in Queensland’s economic future. A biofuels industry could become part of a broader biotechnology sector that has enormous potential for Queensland.

This plant is part of an existing project which recycles used lubricant oil. The plant will use biomass material such as sugarcane bagasse (a by-product of the sugar milling process), and possibly prickly acacia as feedstock for the production of bio crude oil, which will then be distilled into saleable kerosene and diesel products.