Dr Anthony Lynham


Formal recognition of North Queensland’s Nywaigi People’s native title rights

Birdlife at Mungalla

24 April, 2018 –

North Queensland’s Nywaigi People, operators of the award-winning Mungalla Station tourist attraction, now hold the native title rights to the land and waters where their legends have been formed.

At a recent hearing on Mungalla Station, the Federal Court formally recognised the Nywaigi People’s native title rights and interests over almost 40,000 hectares of land and waters between Rollingstone and Ingham.

Recognising the Nywaigi’s rights means that they can hunt, fish and gather, hold meetings, teach their younger generations about their country and maintain places of importance and significance.

The hearing acknowledges that the Nywaigi People have been connected to these lands since before sovereignty and it means that their undeniable connection to their traditional homelands can continue.

I congratulate the Nywaigi people – their genuine commitment to this native title claim will help to further preserve our nation’s rich indigenous culture.