Dr Anthony Lynham


Explorers take up the hunt for new resource projects

6 February, 2019 –

I recently announced the successful tenderers for minerals and coal tenders in the state’s world-leading North West Minerals Province and the Bowen and Surat basins.

Unlocking land for resource exploration – whether it is to uncover coal, gas or minerals – is vital to continuing resource development, whether it’s for mining jobs or royalties to fund our hospitals and schools.

Exploration is essential for Queensland to keep up with the world’s thirst for tech minerals and our own manufacturing sector’s ongoing need for high-quality base metals.

New coal deposits offer energy security and a long-term economic future for all Queenslanders.

Junior explorer Red Metal Limited will soon be able to seek out new zinc, lead, copper and silver deposits across 400 km2 of land located 250 km north of Mount Isa.

Four companies – Denham Coal (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Coal), Queensland Coal Investments Pty Ltd, Enex Togara Pty Ltd and Wandoan Holdings Pty Ltd will soon be able to commence exploratory work over 369 km2 total of land in the Bowen and Surat basins. These areas are located near Moranbah, west of Mackay, Blackwater west of Rockhampton and Taroom, west of Maryborough close to existing mines or mining leases.

These new tenders come on the back of Queensland’s record 223 million tonnes of coal exports last year, and a major new geological report which shows Queensland is sitting on almost double the amount of coal than was last known.

The report reveals Queensland has 63 billion tonnes of raw coal in-situ – an increase of around 29 billion tonnes on the previous estimate.

This includes more than 14 billion tonnes of coking coal – essential to the production of steel for the building and manufacturing sectors.

All explorers have to negotiate land access agreements and fulfil all existing environmental and Native Title requirements before they are granted exploration permits.

For further information about exploration tenders visit www.dnrme.qld.gov.au/resources-tenders

Coal Tender 2019 map

Coal Tender 2019 map

Mineral tender Red Metal 2019 map

Mineral tender Red Metal 2019 map