Dr Anthony Lynham


Electoral reforms: taking big money out of politics – once and for all

Palaszczuk Government New Integrity Reforms

30 October, 2019 –

The Palaszczuk Labor Government is continuing to build on the work of the Fitzgerald Reforms.

There will be sweeping changes to Queensland’s electoral system to make elections fairer, more transparent and just.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government will –

  • Introduce donation caps
  • Introduce expenditure caps
  • Increase public funding, making it fairer for all; and

In doing so we will remove undue influence, stop the arms race on electoral expenditure and remove the incentive for cash for access.

No longer will those with the most money be able to drown out the voices of others.

The Hon Anthony Whealy QC, former judge and Chair of The Centre for Public Integrity, welcomes the reforms – “Queensland will now have the strongest political donations laws in the country. We commend the Queensland Government for taking action to improve transparency and accountability.”
Read the full statement from The Centre for Public Integrity.

Alice Drury, Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, says a limit on political donations and election spending is vital to restoring democracy and achieving greater political equality.
Read the full statement from the Human Rights Law Centre.

These reforms build on the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s proud history of integrity reform. Since 2015, our government has –

  • Reduced donation thresholds to $1,000 from $12,800
  • Introduced Australia’s first real time disclosure laws requiring donation disclosure within 7 days
  • Laid the ground work for our real time disclosure scheme to require disclosure within 24 hours in the last 7 days of a campaign
  • Restored the independence and increased the funding of the Crime and Corruption Commission
  • Created greater transparency requiring the true source of the donor to be identified (not hiding behind intermediaries)
  • Banned donations from property developers
  • Delivered reforms in Local Government to remove undue influence.