Dr Anthony Lynham


Container Refund Scheme hits 700 million!

container refund scheme

7 August, 2019 –

Almost 700 million drink containers have been returned in Queensland since the Container Refund Scheme kicked off in November last year.

That’s approximately $70 million back into Queenslanders’ pockets as well as to our charities, schools, community groups and sporting clubs.

Our local Return-It QLD depot in Stafford is located at 46 Millway Street, Kedron.

You will receive a 10 cent refund for each eligible container that is returned by signing up via www.containersforchange.com.au

The process when you visit the depot is simple.

  1. grab a tray
  2. stack your containers
  3. get your refund

You can also choose to donate your refund to a charity or community organisation – all you need is the group’s identification number.

The Queensland Container Refund Scheme was designed to achieve three things

  • Reduce container litter
  • Increase recycling and jobs, and
  • Provide a benefit to community groups who collect cans and bottles.

We think it’s achieving all of these things.

To find out more, including FAQs and how to register community groups, schools, charities and clubs to become donation points, visit the Containers for Change website – www.containersforchange.com.au