Dr Anthony Lynham


Container deposit scheme for Queensland

22 July 2016 –


The Queensland Government is introducing a container deposit scheme which will encourage recycling and help clean up our public spaces and the environment.

I’m really pleased our Government has committed to establish a container deposit scheme which will kick off in 2018.

Queensland is working with the New South Wales Government to set up a single scheme that operates in both states.

Labor committed to investigate a cash for containers scheme at the last election, we are now working to deliver just such a scheme. Support for the idea of a container deposit scheme has been overwhelming and the benefits are clear. It is reported Queenslanders use over 2.4 billion bottles and cans every year – many of these wind up in landfill or become litter. We currently have one of the lowest recycling rates in the country and litter (especially plastic litter) is a major threat to our waterways and our coastal environment. This program will help increase recycling and reduce litter.

South Australia has had a similar scheme since the 1970s and the Northern Territory introduced one in 2011. The Queensland Government is looking to align our scheme with New South Wales, so that people in both states will be able to take empty drink containers to a collection depot, or place them in a reverse vending machine to receive a 10 cent refund. Most drinks sold in containers between 150ml and three litres will be included and eligible containers will be clearly marked.

It is estimated community organisations could raise up to $25 million every year by getting involved in container collecting and recycling.