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Construction begins on new adolescent mental health centre

Construction begins on new adolescent mental health centre

21 November, 2018 –

Construction has begun on Queensland’s newest adolescent mental health centre at The Prince Charles Hospital campus.

This new 12-bed mental health treatment centre is part of the State Government’s $68.2 million investment to rebuild and expand mental health services for young people.

The centre will provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation that fully integrates mental health services with educational programs delivered by teachers from the Department of Education.

It will also provide a structured environment with a focus on improving the overall function of young people to increase their capacity and confidence to successfully transition back to their community.

We think it’s vital that these young people have access to quality educational opportunities and support to continue on their learning pathway as part of their treatment and recovery.

Out of area families and carers will also be able to access accommodation to facilitate visits and support of young people residing in the centre.

The new centre is expected to be operational by early 2020.