Congratulations to our local sporting clubs

Congratulations to our local sporting clubs

3 October, 2018 –

The following is an extract from my speech, delivered on Tuesday 18 September, 2018.

I rise to congratulate many local sporting clubs in my electorate of Stafford that recently achieved finals success. Every winter thousands of people participate in a variety of sports—football, AFL, netball, hockey, Rugby League and union. There are so many clubs and teams I wish to congratulate on outstanding seasons. However, in the time I have I will single out just a few.

Firstly, the Grange Gorillas women’s AFL team were the first organised women’s AFL team in Queensland and this year tasted grand final success for the first time. It is a great accomplishment for a club that has been steadfast in the development of women’s AFL. Their football counterparts, Grange Thistle, achieved great success. The under-15 division 1 girls won back-to-back titles in a nail-biting 3-2 overtime win. Over the past two seasons, they have played 40 games, with an astonishing 38 wins, one draw and one loss.

The Brisbane football club had a number of teams win finals, but most notably were the National Premier League Queensland champions. The neighbouring Newmarket Football Club also had a win with its under-16s division 3 winning their grand final 5-1. The Commercial Hockey Club won the Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association best junior girls club, best senior women’s club and best men’s club shield for the 2018 season. To round out their already great season, of the 17 teams that made the grand final, 11 of those went on to win their respective competitions. I say: well done.

In Rugby League, the Brothers Juniors under-17 boys division 2 fell short in the final against Easts Mount Gravatt. The under-17 side did the club proud and just a couple of weeks prior had defeated Easts Mount Gravatt in the semifinal.

Lastly, I apologise to Kim Richards and Don Brown, because the very talented Valley Diehards under-17s were victorious in their final against Redlands. I will certainly be cheering them on to go back to back next year.

A massive thank you needs to go to the committee and parents of all local sporting clubs who work tirelessly to ensure that their club is as successful as possible. I give it a red-hot go, but it is difficult to attend all the sporting matches in an electorate with so much sporting talent.

I want to briefly mention the Emily Foord Memorial Kindergarten, which a couple of weeks ago was devastatingly impacted by a fire. Luckily, no-one was harmed. The offers of community assistance were overwhelming. I would like to thank everyone who reached out. I am proud to say that I intervened and organised for power to be reconnected as swiftly as possible as well as facilitated a $10,000 small financial assistance grant from the Department of Education—and I thank the minister—which helped this great kindergarten get back on its feet.