Dr Anthony Lynham


Changes to the medical fitness-to-drive process to make life easier for older drivers

Fitness to Drive Certificate Duration Extended

4 August 2017 –

Following feedback from the community, the Palaszczuk Government will increase the maximum issue period for a medical certificate, for drivers aged 75 years or older, from 12 months to 13 months. This will make it make it more convenient for older drivers to renew their medical certificates at the same time each year.

Drivers aged 75 years and older must have a medical certificate with them as they drive. Many drivers would like to keep their medical certificate renewal aligned with their birthday, driver licence renewal or some other convenient date.

Drivers as well as health professionals have told our Government that they’re losing four to six weeks a year from their 12 month medical certificate, because the certificates are being issued before their expiry.

We are extending the 12 month period to 13 months to make sure older drivers are not losing out when they are taking the time to do the right thing and book their check-up. This gives drivers the flexibility to choose when they renew their medical certificate, especially if they would like to do so on, or slightly after, the same date each year.