Dr Anthony Lynham



Alcohol trading hours

28 January 2016 – It’s a doctor’s dream: discovering a simple tool that will reduce disease or injury by 30 per cent. We have that tool, and it is at hand: reducing the length of time that alcohol can be…
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Speech to Parliament 14 October 2015

15 September 2015 – I recently passed the one year anniversary of my election to Queensland’s Parliament by the people of Stafford. It has been a hugely challenging and exciting 15 months. Below is a copy of a speech I delivered…
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First speech to Queensland Parliament 7 August 2014

7 August 2014 – Below is a copy of my first speech in Queensland’s Legislative Assembly after being elected in the Stafford by election on 19 July 2014. MEMBER’S STATEMENT Member for Stafford, First Speech Dr LYNHAM (Stafford—ALP) (11.20 am):…
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