Dr Anthony Lynham


Bikes – minimum passing distances here to stay

11 April 2016 –

Following an independent assessment, the Queensland Government has decided to keep the Minimum Passing Distance Road Rule to increase road safety.

The one-metre passing rule was introduced as a trial two years ago and will now remain permanently. The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland conducted an assessment of the rule and found that it been very effective in improving motorists awareness of bike riders and reducing accidents.

The rule requires motor vehicles to provide cyclists with a minimum passing distance of 1 metre when overtaking cyclists at 60km/h or less and 1.5 meters when travelling at greater than 60km/h.

Motorists can cross centre lines, even on roads with double unbroken lines and drive on painted islands, as long as it is safe to do so to pass a bicycle rider.

The Queensland Government is also expanding the state’s cycling network – adding an extra 88 kilometres of cycling lanes and paths over the next four years. The State Government has also committed $10 million to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety through road upgrades addressing known and potential crash locations.