DIY safety

Be DIY safe over the summer break

2 January, 2020 –

While some of us use the Summer break as a time to rest, there’ll be plenty of people out there donning a tool belt and tackling DIY projects around the home.

But even before picking up a hammer, consider the electrical dangers that could be lurking.

Of all the hazards home renovations can present, electricity is not only the best hidden, but also the most dangerous. Thoroughly check for electrical wires before cutting, drilling or hammering nails into walls, floors and ceilings.

If you’re not sure about where wires are located, call a licensed electrician to find them. That call could save your life.

Before digging in the yard check for underground services by making a free call to Dial Before You Dig on 1100.

And always check for overhead power lines when shifting around items such as high ladders or long building products like reinforcing steel.

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