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Anzac Square restoration and enhancement - Stage 4

18 January 2018 –

Anzac Square restoration and enhancement – Stage 4.

Opened in 1930, Anzac Square is the Queensland State War Memorial, a significant public and historical site in the heart of the state capital. Anzac Square is Queensland’s memorial to those Queenslanders who have served their country in conflict and in peace.

In 2013 the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council recognised the need to undertake an extensive program of works to maintain, restore and protect the site to ensure its continued use and relevance for current and future generations.

With three stages of the project complete, the next stage of the site’s restoration and enhancement commences in May 2018, after Anzac Day commemoration services. The bulk of the works will be finished by Remembrance Day in November.

The Queensland Government is keen to share the plans for this next stage with all Queenslanders as the owners of this important public asset.

Click here to view the Anzac Square restoration and enhancement project – Stage 4 – Information Paper.

Answer an online survey.

Much detail has been provided in the information paper (PDF) on the restoration and enhancement of our state memorial.

The Queensland Government is keen to learn more about our visitors to the Square and gather feedback on the plans for the works to commence following Anzac Day 2018.

You are invited to share your thoughts on the plans by completing this survey. We look forward to gathering feedback as we approach the start of work on this final phase.

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Queenslanders are invited to have their say by 28 February 2018.