Dr Anthony Lynham


Alderley and Newmarket station upgrade update

31 August 2016 –

Work is underway to improve our two local train stations and make them much more accessible for passengers.

Alderley Station
Construction of temporary facilities and entrances on either side of the station is underway. In the coming weeks work will be finished on the temporary footbridge stairs, the ticketing machines will be moved to a new temporary location, there will be excavation work on the new lift and footbridge foundations, the platform shelters will be relocated, in addition to surface works, platform excavation and service installations.

For more info follow this link Alderley Station update

Newmarket Station
A site office has been established adjacent to platform 2, and work has recently been completed installing services to the temporary platforms, setting up the temporary ticket office, and passenger toilets. In the coming weeks the temporary platforms will be competed and the main construction work will start on the island platform and station building.

For more info follow this link Newmarket Station update