Dr Anthony Lynham


2,500 Extra teachers to boost jobs and cut class sizes

A Labor Government will recruit 2,500 teachers in state schools across Queensland to help reduce class sizes.

These 2,500 new jobs will help restore frontline education services cut by Campbell Newman and the LNP.

The push by the Newman Government to cut frontline services has had a significant impact in classrooms across our state.

This policy will see reductions in class sizes in at least 125 state primary schools and extra specialist teachers assigned to most of our state’s 275 state high schools.

It will mean our state schools will have the teachers to cope with the growth in enrolments while addressing the blowout in class sizes.

Over three years Labor will employ 50% more new teachers than the LNP and will reduce class sizes. Our plan to hire an additional 2,500 teachers will put downward pressure on class sizes and allow high schools to hire specialist teachers.

A better way for Queensland

  • Since March 2012, the Newman Government has failed students by allowing the number of oversized classes to rise significantly, part of its attack on frontline services.
  • There are now 520 fewer teachers in Queensland’s state schools.
  • In less than three years of LNP Government, the number of students per teacher has risen at 76% of state schools and there are an estimated 58,000 students in overcrowded classes – that’s almost 10% of Queensland’s state school population.